A smart Internet of Things platform
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Make small things speak globally through Internet of Things technology

Need to simplify the process of developing an IoT solution and implementation of third-party collaboration? You can do it with Zastel, it's smart cloud and a powerful Application Programming Interface (API).

  Cloud-based and API driven

Zastel is an innovative, cloud-based Platform for the Internet of Things, providing infrastructure and services facilitating development of IoT solutions and interoperability of existing systems and applications.

Due to constantly growing community and a powerful API, Zastel dynamically and virtually brings together people, processes, systems and connected devices.


  Reliable and Secure

Zastel serves as a basis for context-aware collaboration and orchestrates the flow of information in response to things-generated events.

Reliable, scalable and secure, Zastel makes it easier to connect to the Internet of Things, capture real-time data from IoT devices and analyse Big Data aggregated in the Cloud. Its notifications engine and embedded interoperability mechanism provide easy-to-implement solutions for creation of smart collaborative environment.

Join Zastel's growing community of companies and individuals, working together to establish the Internet of Things and level up your company into an IoT company, delivering world-class products and services to its customers.


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zastel connecting devices

Create interoperability bridges with other members of Zastel Community easily, without additional development and integration difficulties. Zastel receives events from various sources, analyses them and generates appropriate actions according to the semantic and collaboration rules.

Zastel brings together people, systems and things