Zastel serves as a basis for context-aware collaboration and interactions, simplifying the process of developing IoT solutions and providing unlimited potential for creation of smart collaborative environment.


The unique open tracking system -

SpotyPal is a unique open tracking system to help you protect yourself and find your lost stuff. Its main goal is to facilitate the holders to find their lost items or pets by means of advanced mobile and cloud technology.

SpotyPal consists of a completely free of charge mobile and web application, where any user worldwide can login and assign SpotyPal devices to almost anything that can be lost.

  QR-Patrol PRO

The No1 online guard tour management system -

QR-Patrol PRO is a real-time guard monitoring system, based on NFC, Beacon and QR-code tags use, which skyrockets the efficiency of security companies and offers them the ability to upgrade their services towards clients.

The system relieves officers from daily time-consuming processes such as filling paper reports and making repetitive phone calls to the Monitoring Center. The whole procedure is defined by strict guidelines and simple actions to take. Guards and officers can quickly send incidents reports, implement patrols and any other guard service by taking advantage of the latest innovations in mobile, Cloud and IoT technologies.

QR-Patrol addresses to both security guards and Security Managers or Administrators. The guards can use the mobile application to gain more confidence in their daily tasks and accomplish guard tours under a predefined schedule. On the other hand, Security Managers can keep an eye in real-time to their security staff and get immediate response regarding incidents and problems arising in the working field.


Never Alone! - A real time safety and monitoring system -

MyLoneWorkers is a smart real-time and online monitoring system designed especially to help companies protect and manage their Lone Workers. It consists of a web and a mobile application (both iOS and Android) so as to ensure Lone Workers maximum prevention and protection.

Based on the power of a smartphone, MyLoneWorkers incorporates 3 types of checkpoints: QR-code, NFC tags and Beacons so as to allow Lone Workers scan checkpoints from distance and send immediate alerts about occurring events via a cloud infrastructure.

The system incorporates all the basic features of an innovative Lone Worker solution, plus a push to talk capability through a PTT application and advanced Internet of Things technology connectivity. The core features of MyLoneWorkers system include geolocation, real-time incident reporting, Man Down notifications, full customized reports as well as time scheduling and total management of resources allocation.

  Proximity Marketing Campaigns Management

Proximity Marketing is a powerful tool for retailers, providing them an ability to reach consumers via their mobile devices and deliver relevant information, such as promotional offers and digital coupons, based on the location of the interaction.

Using the power of Smartphone, Cloud and IoT technologies, the marketers get the instrument to bring a variety of marketing messages, broadcasted or personalized, to consumers with Bluetooth-enabled devices, situated nearby and looking to make a purchase.

Moreover, the marketers can receive a valuable feedback, get consumer behavior metrics, test out interest in a new products or re-engage customers they haven’t seen in a while.

Proximity marketing is an effective mechanism to build a deep connection between consumers and marketers and to enrich the shopping experience with quick, relevant and convenient communication.