Terracom participates at CeBIT 2018, Hannover, Germany

We are thrilled to announce our participation in the forthcoming CEBIT 2018, Hannover, Germany that will take place on 11-15 June 2018!

CEBIT is one of the largest and the most internationally represented events for Innovation and Digitization. Featuring exhibits, conferences and networking, it covers the digitization of business, government and society from every angle.

Terracom is presenting the following innovative software products at CeBIT 2018:

  • QR-Patrol PRO - The PRO version of the No1 Online Guard Tour Patrol Management System for managing your security services offered simply and efficiently. It is used by, not only security companies, but any kind of company you can think of, in need of organizing their work, verifying that their assets are being checked, and ensuring that their staff performs their work as they are supposed to! And of course, it is used in great extend for lone workers, to ensure their safety at all times!
  • SpotyPal - a unique open tracking system helping users find their lost stuff or missing pets as well as easily send SOS-alerts in urgent situations. SpotyPal consists of a completely free of charge mobile and web application, where any user worldwide can log in and assign Bluetooth SpotyPal devices to almost anything that can be lost. The SpotyPal device is BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) device, it is small, lightweight, has a replaceable battery and is water resistant. It can be attached to anything, to the keys, bag, wallet, bike, camera, pet, etc.

Note: Both QR-Patrol PRO and Spotypal are built on Zastel - a smart and powerful IoT Platform facilitating development of IoT solutions and interoperability.

Visit our Booth A104 at Hall 13 and get informed about the latest news and updates on our systems!

Find more information about the fair at the following links:

CEBIT   Terracom at CEBIT

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